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    St.Antony’s Free Noon Meals centre

    The Noon meal centre feeds everyday around 200 poor deserted men and women, senior citizens and pilgrims who come from distant places to receive the blessings of our mother Mary. The feedings are supported by the generous contribution from Mary’s devotees-especially on the occasion of their birthday, wedding anniversary, remembrance of the departed etc. The benefactors of the meal scheme are remembered and offered special prayers during the holy mass. We earnestly request you to share your joy with the poor and hungry through sponsoring the day’s feeding..



          The centre helps to save precious lives of our brethren who are in desperate need to blood at times of accident and surgery. On every full moon day many pilgrims voluntarily donated their blood and have saved many lives alike Jesus shed his blood to redeem the human kind. Special mass are being offered for the blood donors on first Friday of every month.

    Amalorpavam Retreat Centre

    The retreat centre is located in a serene atmosphere with provides a conducive environment for a perfect retreat experience. The centre has well furnished individual and shared accomadations. The Shrine Rector can be approached for booking facilities for retreat.

    John Maria Viyani Confession Centre:Confession is one of the sacrament that Catholic Church 58 advocates and expects every catholic to participate in the holy Eucharist after a good confession. A good confession brings man closer to god. Priests are available for confessions on Full moon day, New moon day, First Saturday of every month and on special occasions.

    St. Thomas Counselling and Guidance Bureau

    The centre has been a place for solace for those who suffer from distress, ailments, family problems, emotional problems etc. counselling and guidance service offered by Priests and trained counsellors to those approaches the centre..

    Matrimonial Information Centre

    Family is the basic unit and the foundation of Christianity. The centre helps to bring two persons 59 together holy matrimony. With the blessings of Mother Mary Many were united in the holy matrimony through this Centre. Register with the centre to find your life partner..

    Pushpam Vocational Rehabilitation centre for differently abled person

    The rehabilitation centre to transform disabled into differently abled by training them in producing candles, holy oil, malai prasadam, gardening, tailoring 60 etc. Depending on the loco motor and sensory assessment specific trainings were given to person with disability and they are employed in the shrine. Around 40 such persons work towards the upkeep, maintenance and management of the shrine premises so that they may earn their livelihood to lead a dignified life.

    Annai Theresa Social Service Centre

    Empowerment of marginalized community living in and around Achirupakkam has been the objective 61 for setting up this centre. The activities of the centre aims at bringing in a holistic development through organizing:.

    Evening supplementary education for school going children.

    Malaiarasi Restaurant

    The restaurant serves quality and delicious food for the pilgrims at an affordable cost. We take orders and serve food as per specific requirement of the pilgrims.

    Most Rev. Bishop. Neethinathan Computer Center

    This computer centre was established to bridge the digital divide and to bring down the computer education to the poorest section of the society. The centre is well equipped with latest computers and 62 qualified teachers to train the poor students of the neighbouring villages. So for the centre has trained more than 100 economically poor students and helped them to secure jobs..